Boyfriend Style

I'm always wary of telling my boyfriend what to wear. I know that when I start, I might not be able to let go until I'm completely 100% satisfied. This is problematic because I'd rather not have my own tastes reflected in his clothes. Sometimes when I give myself a bit of leeway I really can't stop blathering on about slim fitting trousers and gorgeous midnight blue velvet blazers.

A few days ago we went thrift-store shopping and picked up a beautiful reddish-brown leather jacket, a couple of shirts and a bow-tie. I must get a picture of his bow-tie and leather jacket outfit, it's stlyin'!

As for now, here are a few pictures of a safari jacket I picked out for him. The shoulder bag is a WWII Finnish gas mask bag. He's waiting for a WWII German fur backpack to come in the mail sometime soon. Fur backpacks! There's a quirk I love.

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