What I Wore Today

Actually, I'm cheating. I wasn't wearing heels. I was wearing flat black leather boots. There is no way that I'm maneuvering my way around campus in heels, but they just make the outfit look so much edgier.

Lace shirt: thrifted, leather skirt: thrifted, belt: thrifted, heels: Topshop

BC Fashion Week: Nicole Bridger

Last Thursday and Friday I attended my first fashion shows at BC Fashion Week. In particular, I went to see the GenNext show, Nicole Bridger and Lara Presber.

My favourite of the week was by far Nicole's collection. It was soft, pretty and very wearable. As Vancouver shows often go, nothing is very standout or avante-garde. No matter, what makes these shows special is the fact that they're making use of sustainable and organically grown materials such as bamboo and cotton. The loose silhouette is still very now and I can see these pieces worn with just about anything. They're very versatile, like the A.P.C. of the west coast. The leather belts are a nice touch (they sort of remind me of BCBG), and apparently Nicole was slaving away at them just the night before. I really appreciate her knack for keeping things simple and fresh. All of the models looked beautiful with flushed cheeks and soft hair. It's making me want to try out tawny peach blush for the first time in my life. Oh, in case you were wondering, the shoes are Fluevogs.

Images taken by me (for once, yay!)


Lie Sang Bong

I haven't even processed my own BC Fashion Week photos or finished looking through everything on the Milan runways and Paris has arrived already! Well, one mustn't ever fall behind Paris. For example, I might have missed the Lie Sang Bong ss 09 show, which blew me away with it's dreamy graphic look. Usually architectural collections have a very hard edge (Gareth Pugh ss09!) but these looks still retain an airiness that is very appealing.



Milan Favourites

Warning! This is a very image intensive post. I couldn't help myself.

My two favourite Milan collections had a very similar vibe. Marni never fails to make me salivate over its many colors, prints, textures, neck pieces, shoes and various other nicknacks that make Marni one of the standout collections of every season. Sarah Mower of style.com notes that this collection is "a cherry picker's bonanza full of pieces that lend themselves to myriad personal styles." Every fashion week I see stylish women wearing Marni in so many different ways. It's a little nutty but so workable. As for me, the beautiful neck pieces this season make me crave big statement pieces even more. It's too bad that nothing within my price range is big or bold enough.

Images from style.com

My second favourite collection has officially transformed me into a Jonathan Saunders fangirl. Yep. I loved everything, head to toe, models to runway. And that's pretty rare for me. I'm always nitpicking over something or other. The biggest plus of all is that this would be something that my grandmother could easily whip up. All I have to do is find the right fabric combinations. I can't wait until my seamstress arrives from Romania! She's actually coming tonight! My boyfriend jokes that I'll be running my own personal grandma sweatshop downstairs. Not to worry! She's very well loved here.

Images from style.com


Fashion Amazons

It looks like long legs are an official job requirement at French Vogue.

Image from Jak and Jil

Fall Wardrobe

It looks like fall has come for good now. The past few mornings definitely had my teeth chattering. I'm already layering fall jackets on top of blazers. I just hope I won't have to pull the coats any time soon though. Fall is my favourite season because of the cool weather and beautiful colors but it always seems to change into winter too quickly. But don't even get me started on the rain. I must be the only person in Vancouver who doesn't own a pair of rainboots.

The next few days are exciting for me because I'll be attending a couple of shows at BC Fashion Week for the first time. I haven't decided what I'll be wearing yet! Suggestions?

Here's what I've been wearing these past few days.

Black wool blazer: thrifted, black long-sleeved shirt: Jacob, green jodhpurs: Topshop, belt: thrifted.

Same as before with: grey wool scarf: thrifted, jacket: Zara.

These shoes were my grandma's uncle's way way back in the day. They were given to my dad, who wore them occasionally in the winter (on the rare occasion that we get snow). I decided to steal them and keep them for myself. They're so unique, and they need some more lovin.

Grey/white wool jacket: thrifted, scarf: thrifted, grey sweater: some chain store in Bucharest, pleated/draped pants: Zara, sneakers: Keds.

Scarf: thrifted, blazer thrifted, jeans: Terra Nova, grey sweater: same as before, shoes Keds, belt: thrifted.


Blue China

Sometimes, while browsing through my folder of saved fashion week photos, unexpected patterns begin to emerge. Such as this one. Last year on a trip to Amsterdam I couldn't help but admire the vivid blue of Dutch china. It looks very fresh. If anyone can hook me up with a pair of those Peter Jensen shoes I'd very, very much appreciate it. And I'll love you for the rest of my days.

Images from style.com


Oranges and Bubblegum

Does anyone remember my post on the orange/pink color combination a few months ago? Well, the look has been parading all over the runways so far this season. I like it paired with both vibrant and soft pinks. Actually, I loved every combination Jonathan Saunders came up with this season. He's a color genius.

Images from style.com


Goodbye Summer! Hello SS 09!

Isn't it just like fashion to set you in the mood for summer wear just as the season is winding down? How exhausting. But I'm still clinging to those summer clothes, even if this might even be the last bare-legged post of the year. Colour unexpectedly popped up on the spring runways (so far, at least) and I'm not ready to reach out for the drab black clothes in the back of my closet just yet. Maybe I'll attempt to keep this winter season fresh and lively. But then again, by the time we hit twenty or so consecutive days of rain and clouds, black and grey might look like the only feasible option.

Blouse: thrifted, necklace: street vendor in Romania, skirt: H&M, sunglasses: thrifted.


Payless Again?

What is going on at Payless? They're releasing so many covetable shoes! I think the Alice + Olivia collaboration is brilliant. I am definitely going to go looking for the red booties next week. They are exactly what I need for fall to wear with voluminous coats. The added height would make the look more dramatic and I wouldn't have to teeter my way around the puddles on campus in impractical heels. (The last shoe isn't part of the collaboration but I love the color blocking and decided to add it anyways).

Photos from Payless.com


What I'm Wearing

When are those vacation photos coming, you ask? Well, I now have them on my computer, but I still haven't gotten around to editing and sorting through them. Anyways, I actually have been posting things I have purchased on my trip to Prague and Bucharest in small increments. For example, here are my new shiny black skinnies from Zara and Topshop heels (that I also wore with my leather skirt in a previous post). I hope I last in these heels tonight. I haven't tested them out yet.