Still in Romania!

This post was made in advance as a little filler. I'm actually still in Romania probably wearing something similar to the picture below since it is most likely very warm. Tonight I'm going to the Electrofish concert in Bucharest to see Audio Bullys. The venue looks amazing. Modern music and fancy high-tech lights enclosed inside a beautiful Roman-style building. It'll be big! I'm excited!

I'll be back inVancouver on the third, after which I may need a couple of days to get my university tasks sorted out. But I will have many photos to post afterwards!


Strength, Fragility, Beauty

The photos on the Cécile Guyenne website will take your breath away. They include depictions of the work of brilliant designers such as Marc le Bihan. Go take a gander, you'll be happy you did.

Photos from cecileguyenne.com



I don't know very much about Burfitt, since it's site doesn't offer any information, but I do know that I like what I'm seeing. A lot. This collection is very dark. Almost eerie. It seems like a combination between a show girl, magician, mime and a John Galliano collection. The silhouettes are breathtaking. Someone really should bring back tall top hats.

Images from Burfitt.com


We Like Them Big

Large pieces of jewelery are surprisingly versatile. I like them styled over crazy prints (shown left) or simple grey knits (shown right). If you were wondering how to spruce up your many simple American Apparel tops, this would be a good way to do it. I've been on the lookout for a grand necklace at thrift stores but I've only found a few interesting broaches myself.

Images from left to right: UK Vogue August scanned by Manuva from tfs.com, Harpers Bazaar August 2008 scanned by Faith Akiyama from tfs.com


Alice + Olivia For Payless

I had no idea that Alice + Olivia was collaborating with Payless Shoes. Payless is known for low priced and low quality footwear. My relationship with them has been hit or miss. I have a couple of pairs that kill my toes because the straps are made of plastic, not patent leather, and I don't get very much wear out of them. On the other hand, two of my favourite pairs of flat leather sandals came from Payless, and they are extremely comfy. These pink satin shoes are so much fun! I hope the bottom of the straps are leather. Usually Payless doesn't do heels above three inches, so the four inch heel is a good surprise. If I run into these I'll definitely be trying them on. I hope they're comfy.


Re-work It

Sadly, I have many items in my wardrobe that never see the light of day. I would get inspired by a certain pattern or color, take the item home, and then I would be put off by a difficult shape with a not-so-great fit. I wear both of these skirts very rarely. Mainly due to the fact that they have to be worn with heels, otherwise they hit at an unflattering spot on the leg and make me look stumpy. I reworked the blue dress by layering a white cotton skirt underneath and pinning them both together to add a bit of volume. It looks great! But rather dressy. I'll need to find a proper place to wear it.


Comme des Garcons for H&M

So the much anticipated collaboration between H&M and Comme des Garcons is finally starting to take shape. When I first saw photos of the pieces individually I wasn't very impressed, but they have done a fantastic job styling the collection. It does look like Rei Kawakubo stayed true to her form.

I'm in love with the deconstructed jacket in the fourth photo, which reminds me of the CDG ss 2007 collection. I'd love to see it layered overtop of piles of sheer mesh to complete the effect.

I've also been forced to reconsider polka dots, a pattern I've never had a taste for. The third picture could almost be polka-dotted overload but with that scarf on top it is now speaking to me. The shorts are a cute addition. They'd look great worn with black tights and chunky booties and a slim wool blazer for cooler weather.

The only miss for me are the harem or dropped-crotch pants. I've seen them done well in other collections, but these just look like a sad case of sagging diapers. Sorry.

Photos from nitrolicious.com


Czech Fashion, Where Are You Hiding?

I'm very nervous and excited because in just two days I'll be flying off to spend a week in Prague and then another week in Romania! I'm very anxious to find out more about the Czech fashion scene. Unfortunately, by looking at the site of their fashion week (which hasn't been updated since the fall 2007 season), I've come to the grim conclusion that it isn't exactly alive and kicking. Nonetheless, there are a few treasures to be found while scouring through the photos of last last season's designs. I don't think that the corresponding runway shows are as exciting as the promo shots below, but these photos stood out for me.

I don't get many readers from the Czech Republic (judging from my google analytics data), but if you're out there, give me a shout! Maybe I just have poor researching skills, so I'd love to have my eyes opened. I've got the tourist sights covered, but I'm really hoping to find out more about where to shop, where to be inspired, where the locals like to show off their fabulous clothes, etc.

Images from PragueFashionWeek.com

Brazilian Girls

A couple of days ago a friend of mine introduced me to The Brazilian Girls. They're not Brazilian, nor are they an all-girl group, but their sound will keep up dancing for hours. Sabina Sciubba was born to Italian and German parents, resulting in an impressive grasp of five different languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian and English) all of which are incorporated into their new album. If anything could beat the great music pumped out by this girl, it's her eccentric style. Her stage outfits make me jealous.

Have a listen here.

Images from Curve Mag and all over Google (sorry, lost the sources)


An Editorial Worth Pondering

I'm a little slow on the uptake with this since photos of the September Harper's Bazaar editorial with Tyra Banks have been circulating online for a week now. I couldn't resist offering my two cents worth though.

There is something very unsettling about Tyra's editorial. It looks too posed, too idealistic, too much like a false veneer. I thought the American dream died a long time ago. Can we wake up now? It's creepy. They're attempting to create iconic images about people who still have yet to deliver. Let the icon instead be created through the actions of the person in question. Stop grasping for another mask to hide behind. Please leave politics out of celebrity culture unless you're prepared to back up the blatant idolatry with an honest discussion!

I hope I haven't offended anyone. I went through the last paragraph many times in fear of being misunderstood. I am not criticizing Mr. Obama here. I'm criticizing the media's sly way of permeating the collective consciousness of the American people with images that clearly have a political agenda, even though it isn't made explicit.

I guess my point is that I don't think one man, even if he may be the president, can affect the change necessary to heal the country. There is no instant panacea.

The rest can be found at tfs.com


A Monster Only I Could Love

Sometimes I really don't know how to explain my choices. This monstrosity of a sweater caught my eye last night, and I rushed back to the store today hoping that it would still be there. Of course it was still there! Who else would buy this thing? That said, I'm very much in love with the crazy prints and frayed edges. The styling for this particular photo is a bit lacking, but I'm sure I can pull of something more interesting as I work the sweater in with the rest of my wardrobe.


What I'm Wearing

We just hit a bout of pretty hot weather. Well, as hot as Vancouver gets anyways. I was enjoying the streak of 20 degree weather we were having, but this isn't too hard to handle. I've been dressing very casually lately, trying to somehow incorporate the ridiculously bright shorts I bought last summer into my wardrobe again. Let's hope it's not a failed attempt.

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, with the exception of the shorts, which were bought from Suzy Shier. I love the triangle pattern on the belt. I seem to be developing a taste for handmade crafty things lately. I'll see where that takes me.

Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila Marquez, the Spanish born model whose hair I will continue to envy for the rest of my days (mine seems incapable of growing past a certain length). I love her for her fearless experiments with pattern and proportion in her daily wear. She stands out from the model crowd with bright red accessories and including her trademark Chloe boots. No one can pull off beanies better, in my opinion.

My apologies for the tiny pictures, the image was shrunk automatically by photobucket because it was too large, and I'm not bothering to break it up at the moment.


Fall in Mociun

This fall, Mociun's collection features a delightful mix of different prints and textiles inspired by a wealth of different cultures, times and art-movements. The collection directly reflects the life of designer Caitlin Mociun, who, Since the tender age of twelve, has traveled extensively across Europe and Asia. Mociun's collections often reference the Bauhaus movement in print and design. Artsy prints are mixed with zany skinnies space-dyed tights, moccasins, beanies and scarves of all sorts. As a university student, this collection is great inspiration for daily wear that holds interest without being uncomfortable or too dressy. Many students on my campus break out the clunky hiking boots when the weather gets cold and wet. Maybe I'll consider joining them this fall, wearing them with skinnies, puffy woolen socks and a cozy scarves the Mociun way.

Images from Mociun.com