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I've been a bit under-the-weather lately (more tired than sick though), so what I did not find amusing was finally returning to update my blog last night only to find out that my internet was down! Argh!

Work is so far so good. You guys guessed it right, I'm now employed at Value Village and I'm spending an inordinate amount of time there. Yesterday I was assigned to clean-up the kid's section, which I thought would go over well since I probably wouldn't find anything I would buy there. Wrong! There was a very cute shirt-dress and colorful skirt in the XL section. Oh dear. I'm supposed to be saving money for my trip in August. At least for now I haven't spent any! But I am eyeing a particular SLR camera... Maybe I'll luck out and someone would have already bought it by the time I return to work this afternoon.

Today I will also be attending my first wedding. Actually, I'll be missing the actual ceremony due to work (bummer), but I will be able to attend the long party afterwards! My boyfriend says there isn't anything to miss in the ceremony, but for a person who hasn't seen one yet, I'd say there's quite a bit to miss! I'm fascinated by cultural ceremonies. Anyways, last night I was scrounging around through my closet to see what would be appropriate attire. As you can see, it looks like I've given up color matching for a few weeks. I like the unexpected combinations. But the shawl does look rather dull and mumsy-ish... at least to me. Please excuse the messy hair.



I'm a complete sucker for odd little details on shoes, which is why I fell in love with these Alexandre Herchcovitch boots. They're stuck somewhere in between chunky and spindly, with much more of an emphasis on the chunky. I think the little heel at the bottom looks sort of like a kickstand. It almost looks as if the heel is floating. I'd love to traipse around in a pair of these curious little things. Maybe Jane from Sea of Shoes can snag herself a pair so I can live vicariously through her.

Images from left to right:
nylonmag.com, nymag.com, shoeblog.com


Kenzo Styling

Today for the first time in a while I felt a surge of creative energy and promptly raided my closet to throw together a more interesting outfit. I really do love to throw together prints. Although I am a big fan of minimalism, I tend to gravitate towards the eclectic more because it's so much easier to achieve with what I have in my closet at the moment. I really would love simple, well-tailored pieces as well, but alas I am a thrift-store addict and my closet has taken on a life of its own.

Belowen asked how my first day of work was. Would anyone like to guess where I ended up working for the summer? A big hint: I wore yellow tights yesterday and the obligatory red vest on top turned my outfit into something more Ronald McDonald inspired (wait! no! Don't guess McD's! I'd rather drop dead!). Another hint: I spend too much time there anyways.

So my first day actually went pretty well. It was a full workday and I watched training videos and answered questions for half of the time. The other half I spent bagging and putting things back on racks and consoling frustrated customers who stood in line for a long time (we had a huge sale day and the lines were incredibly long). Still, I felt comfortable there and, along with my internship at a local marketing firm, it makes my summer feel quite fulfilled.

So my outfit today was a mishmash of colors and patterns. It reminds me of the fall 2006 Kenzo collection, a favourite of mine. I seem to refer back to old collections very often. I guess whatever mood I'm feeling from moment to moment can't always be captured by the most recent collections.

Images from style.com


A sunset and a sunny pair of tights

I wish the weather would hurry up and decide what it wants to do today because the forecast says rain but I only see a rather bright overcast sky. Today I start my first shift of work. Luckily I found a place that doesn't require I fit the designated company "look" otherwise my blog posts would get pretty dull pretty fast. So here's what I'm going to wear (it's an afternoon-evening shift). Let's hope these shoes stay comfy for 8 hours. I'll bring an extra pair just in case.

And just for fun, here was the scene on the beach yesterday. It was incredibly gorgeous. A nice color palette for a dramatic dress.


Fabric Mutt

I took photos of this particular outfit Friday night before I went to a Ladytron concert but then my camera ran out of batteries and I never got around to making a post. I really should have done it yesterday since I had all afternoon to recharge them but I was being rather lazy and went out to see a movie instead. Bad blogger! By the way, if you're into a suspenseful emotional roller coaster, see the Italian film The Unknown Woman. Both my friend and I were left in tears by the end of the movie. I think my emotional quota is filled for the week.

Back to the outfit, this skirt was purchased at Value Village many months ago but I never quite knew what to pair it with, so it was never worn. But I am still very attracted to the odd combination of purple suede and burnt orange corduroy. So now as I am attempting to reacquaint myself with my closet, I pulled it out again and paired it with whatever struck me first. That would be this pretty blue top. I actually ended up wearing it with a dark teal v-neck tee just in case the crowd in the front would get rowdy (wouldn't want buttons popping off anywhere), but I like this version better, so I'm posting the blue blouse.

Random note: I think I need to come up with new poses. How do models do it?


The Favourite, H&M

Today I trekked down to the newly opened H&M flagship store to check out the stock. I was pleasantly surprised to find things that weren't at all casual or beachy (which was all I ran into in our other two stores). I saw many pieces I liked. A few dresses and jackets. None of them were in my size, however. I couldn't find anything smaller than size 8 really. So I'll go back sometime after all the hoopla has calmed down to check it out again. I should ask when they expect to restock...

Now that the H&M Fall line previews have been released, I am extremely glad to have a larger store open where I might actually have the chance to come by some of their more editorial items. I love the layers and layers of knits, dramatic hooded coat, long cardigan, floaty blue skirt, the little beige jacket (is that leather? it reminds me of Marni!) and many many others things. Are these shoes actually H&M as well? They look extremely alike to the Chloe versions. Oh and those black over the knee boots are divine. I'm salivating.

Images from tfs.com


Interview Day

Today I managed to book myself three job interviews. It was pretty hectic. I'm awaiting the response of the third one (which should be tomorrow) before I decide. Nothing special, just some small jobs in retail. I still do have a nice internship at a local fashion marketing firm which I am very excited about, however. The outfit below is what I wore to the last interview. I wore my new dress to the first two. I hope all goes well. It would be nice to pay off my little trip to Prague and Bucharest early.


Breaking the Shopping Fast

I checked my blog archives today and apparently it has only been 20 days since I last purchased an item of clothing. It really did feel like a month though. Today whilst dropping off resumes and talking to managers here and there I managed to snag a few goodies for myself from Value Village. I bought a light beige dress with graphic black details, a dramatic draped black coat (if I see something I like I get it, seasons mean nothing when I love a piece of clothing), and the cutest pair of flats I've seen in a while. The flats look much better with dresses than my other pair of loafers, which look better with skinnies. I like the sleeker shape of the new ones. Pretty good haul, I'd say.

And my old loafers for kicks:

Inspired By...

Today's bit of inspiration is rather random and unorganized. Oh well, such is my mind.

The booties on the top left are from eBay seller Downtown Vibe Vintage, a store mentioned by Lauren of Fops and Dandies just a short while ago. I love the way they are presented here, with the top folding outwards instead of being tucked in. They look like a pretty flower.

To the bottom left is one of the most ingenious menswear pairings I've seen in a while from Easy Fashion in Paris. Is the stripe on the pants actually lime green? Paired with red shoes? The quirkiness works so well.

I am in awe of the girl on the far left from The Facehunter wearing the tight, high-waisted, mid-length shorts. I hate wearing shorts myself, as none of them look quite right to me, and so I prefer skirts for warmer temperatures.

The girl in the middle might as well be me. Brown hair, heavy bangs, penchant for layering the dramatic over simple black basics… Yep. Apparently she made the shirt/dress herself. There’s a way to work in the fringe trend and make it your own. Photo from Hel-Looks.

Lastly, the girl on the far right, also from The Facehunter, who pulls in three big trends: jumpsuits, fringe, black and blue… Very fun.


Yesterday I finally got around to bringing the rest of my clothes over from my old home. It took a long time to sort through everything. You'd think that I would feel a little more excited to once again have all of these outfit possibilities at my fingertips. This morning I was looking through it all and thought "meh". Maybe it's because I haven't been shopping (or even browsing, really) for a month, but I am feeling quite uninspired. But it's most likely not my closet that is at fault. Low energy levels lead to low levels of creativity. I should probably take an evening to reacquaint myself with my wardrobe and throw on whatever strikes me. Which reminds me that I am in desperate need of a nice big mirror in my new room. Off to Craigslist I go.

What I wore today and yesterday:


Summer Wardrobe Dilemma

I decided to cut my hair shorter this morning. At first it looked a but awkward so I tied it up, but then I felt uncomfortable wearing it in a bun (I rarely change hairstyles), so I let it down again and the new waves looked much better. I'm very open -minded when it comes to trying a new fit or pattern of clothing but when it comes to hair and makeup I'm a little chicken. Even know my hair looks exactly the same. It's probably only an inch or two shorter.

I think I'm probably the only girl in town still wearing tights and boots in the heat. No wonder my legs take forever to tan. I cling onto layers until it's absolutely necessary to let them go. What do you guys wear in the summer? I find it difficult to dress like myself when the heat becomes stifling. I guess this is where interesting accessories are supposed to come in...



If I could identify with any subculture now, it wouldn't be punk, or goth or grunge. It would be steampunk. What is steampunk? I think urbandictionary can answer this better than I can:

"Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan "What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner." It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes."

So if you've seen movies like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Van Helsing, Wild Wild West or the Time Machine, the combination of techno gadgets and 19th century style aesthetics pretty much encapsulates the look of steampunk.

Images from Rivkasmom at Etsy, and gypsymoon.com

I got to see Jack White and the Raconteurs gang in action a couple of summers ago and I had an AHA moment when I first heard about this subculture from thefashionspot. I like the Raconteurs' frequent references to the old west in their promo shots and cover art. The only concert t-shirt I ever bought was theirs, featuring a woman wearing her hair in a loose upsweep, a pirate-like eye-patch covering one eye.

images from theraconteurs.com

So having all of this in mind, I was instantly struck by Aski Kataski's beautiful reworked designs. The clothes are made from antique materials from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. The designer was inspired by the nostalgia for his childhood home, and his clothes are refurbished memories taking on new forms for posterity.

images from tfs.com

Where does this all fit in with me? Well, besides my tad obsession with layers and layers of draped white fabrics, lace, and military detailings, my room currently looks like it belongs to another century. It's not complete at the moment (I still need crown molding, a pair of bookshelves and a bedframe) but here's the work-in-progress:


Here Comes the Sun

Today the weather forecast finally made due on its promise. It was extremely hot. I started the day wearing jeans and a crisp blue shirt, but had to change into an airy dress as it kept getting hotter and hotter. Here are a couple of photos I took in front of my new house.

Party Noire

I received a little note in my inbox today inviting me to preview Party Noire's capsule collection DEBUT, which will be released tomorrow. So I took a gander and decided that I liked what I saw. Romanian designer Alina Cosma's style is very sharp, chic and edgy. I'm enjoying the minimal but effective use of details like silver zippers and buttons and the odd sheer fabric panel. The label is aiming to create timeless dresses, pieces that don't flicker in and out with the change of the seasons. I think the dark but romantic feel is very much in tune with where the industry is heading now (it brings to mind Boudicca's signature style and next fall's sharply-cut Balenciaga dresses). Lovely to see a Romanian designer flexing her muscles.

Vogue Korea May

Inspiration abound! I was going to post only the swashbuckling Daul Kim editorial, but this particular issue of Vogue Korea was filled with so many goodies that I couldn't resist posting the rest as well. I think my favourite photo by far is the third from the top, with that stunning ruffled collar and odd braided detail. Very interesting.

Images from tfs.com


What I'm Wearing

So the slowdown in posting will be ending shortly. I just had my internet installed in the new house this morning, so by the time I return tomorrow it will all be ready for me. Today I joined my friend in acting like a tourist in my own city. She had free passes for her and one friend for many attractions all over Vancouver. We hit up three gardens, three hotels, and the Art Gallery. We'll be watching the sunset from a tall building by the harbour tonight. All in all, fantastic day.

So one of our stops was the Bloedel Conservatory, where we had the opportunity to feast our eyes on their beautifully colored birds. Here's a bit of color inspiration for you all, featuring the Alexander McQueen SS 08 collection, and a parrot I took a photo of earlier.


Painfully Chic

I've never seen a girl pull of cropped hair so well before. I'm sure a large part of the effect is due to those amazing sunglasses. Does anyone know who makes these? I think their large size works so well here, but they might not look as good on me with my heavy bangs and longer hair. I am feeling quite in awe.

Image from Garance Dore