From Romania With Love

Ever since I moved to Canada when I was only five, I've only been back to visit Romania once. That was four years ago now and I really have the urge to go visit again this summer. Partly because I want to immerse myself in the language again for a couple of weeks at least. Partly because both of my grandmothers will be moving to Canada for good come September and if I visit in the future I won't be able to stay in their old houses anymore. Last time I went I was rushed from family dinner to family dinner. I hardly had any time to really explore. If the budget permits, I'd love to return and stroll through different cities, snapping many photos and browsing through the markets.

This morning I was flipping through flickr photos and came across this lovely set containing many photos of traditional Romanian folk costumes. I love the intricate embroidery on the vests and the crisp white dresses.

For some reason the high collar and pleats on this Emilio de la Morena appeared to me as a nod to the traditional folk wear. A more modern and stream-lined version.

vest: eBay
suede boots: eBay
dress: Emilio de la Morena from Nina and Lola


Anonymous said...

Ciao vi posso consigliare un sito dei romeni in Italia

Romania in Italia

Tutto in italiano


Manuela said...

Oh, this is so nice. I live in Romania, in "Ardeal" :)