Has it ever gone away?

Word has it that the pointy shoe is due for a comeback. It has already been featured at major shoes like Balenciaga, Chloe and Lanvin this season. They are slightly different this time around, having a shorter toe and a lot of standout detailing. It's definitely not your average boring secretary shoe. Some celebs have started to don them (others have never stopped).

All images from style.com

Now, I tally up at 5'11", and I have feet to match. A few years ago I owned a few pairs of pointy heels, but always felt uncomfortable in them because I didn't like the way they made my feet look. But then again, I wasn't really aware of all the options available and probably purchased ones that had a little too long of a point. Then after that I bounced back the other way and bought a pair of boots that were too round. So now I've settled on nice almond toes, or rounded (but not almost circular *sigh*) ones. They look pretty and I'm satisfied.

My own shoes.

However, I just KNOW that the some clever (or not so clever) marketer will see this as a golden opportunity to push old stocks of pointy shoes on the unsuspecting consumer: "Pointy shoes are back! Buy the pair you didn't want just yesterday!" And once again the stores will be inundated with dated looking secretary style shoes... But, on the off chance that they do it right, I'd love to see shorter toes... possibly with cool-looking detachable spats? A girl can dream...

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