I'm Blind

How amazing are these glasses? I'm incredibly envious. I've been on the market for a new pair of glasses for ages now. I have a nice pair of sleek red-rimmed frames that I'm still very fond of. However, when I bought them I didn't pay too much attention to how wide the sides where. They keep falling off my face if I bend over too much! Still, I kept them for three years and it's really time for a change, especially since my prescription is getting worse. I don't have contacts, and my glasses keep falling off, so I usually just get by not wearing them outside of lecture halls. It makes looking at cafe menus really annoying, however. I was leaning towards a tortoise-shell frame. These are so perfect! I wonder where they're from...

Photos from borderline.com


RSong said...

I LOVE these glasses. The chick is hot too.

because im addicted said...

love the glasses!

Anonymous said...

these are very nice.
i have eye-glass envy.
when i finally need to wear them, i will have such fun picking frames! like these: