Spring Wishlist

The weather is looking a little better lately and I have spring outfits on the brain. It's still to cold for light-blazer wearing and will probably be so for a while but I can't help scouring through the new spring stock emerging in stores. The following are pieces that I absolutely need in my closet when the temperatures warm up.

1. Sandals. I stocked up on pretty dresses during winter that I wore with boots, but now, looking back at my wardrobe, I have no summer shoes except for a few sad-looking and worn out pairs of flats that I might have to toss.

2. Basics. I always need new white t-shirts because they wear out or stain too quickly. A nice neutral jersey dress would also be perfect for lazy outfit days. I might give in and buy something from American Apparel soon. I'd like some colorful jersey skirts.

3. Florals. I fell in love with this blazer from Zara. It's about $150 CAD at the moment so maybe I'll keep checking back to catch it on sale. That's just too much money for one little blazer (on my budget, at least).

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