Wake-up Call

Ouch. Criticism hurts. A comment I received on my last post really made my face burn bright red. I really feel the need to respond to it. If I come across as self-obsessed I really have to apologize. Of course, it was never my intention. I'm curious though, is it because of the content I'm posting or is it the tone of my writing? Or do I not smile enough in photos? I'm not involved in the fashion industry so I am not immersed in its goings-on and that just leaves me with material that happens strike my eye. I'm not an impartial reporter and this is a personal blog. In truth, some days when inspiration is lacking I feel bad only posting a photo of myself.

So I'd love to hear what sort of content would be more interesting! There are things that I'd like to do but I'm quite hesitant to pursue. For example, every time I come across someone on the street who's style I like, I always want to ask them for a photo, but I'm always too shy. I would also report on places I usually shop, but the problem with that is, I honestly shop at Value Village way too often and would feel fake writing about any fantastic vintage store that I browse but never buy anything from. For the moment, as I'm getting the hang of the blogging thing, I really only have myself to go buy, so suggestive feedback is highly welcome!


roxanne said...


i'm no expert blogger, but yours is great and quite well-written to boot.

i fond it yesterday, and was on my second visit today because i liked it so much..

just keep doing what you're doing, i think it's working just fine.

Anonymous said...

Flaming on the internet happens all the time. Don't worry about it. Don't change your blog to suite one person or demographic. Don't concern yourself with the negative randoms trolling the internet.

I love seeing your beautiful face and gorgeous body draped in well-chosen clothing. Your blog is interesting (even for those who aren't obsessed with fashion) and demonstrates your high literacy.

Of course, I'm just another random internetor so don't take my word. (I, however, like to think I have a little bit more weight :)

Take care

- Kevin

PS Ugly people are always jealous of pretty ones.

Anonymous said...

You know what, just was looking at a lot of blogs linking from one to another where girls are taking pictures of their daily outfits, got a little fed up of it all and wrote something a bit mean, I'm sure you're no more self obsessed than anyone else, or than me for that matter, sorry for being mean, at first look I thought this was a fashion blog..sorry

Sabrina said...

Roxanne: I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! Thanks for the support m'dear :)

Kevin: I was creeped out by your comment until I saw your name at the bottom. Let's keep the admiration private, shall we love? hahaha Second time I turned red today.

yulanda said...

I'm a big believer of the "It's your blog, write what you want. If they don't like it they don't have to read it" philosophy. Seriously, no need to change. I for one like your blog just the way it is.

RSong said...

ooh Sabs got roasted :p.
That said, I heart ur blog, I think U look gorgeous in the pictures and I am inspired by your outfits. U are actually making me look more closely at what I wear, cause I usually wear a t and jeans so hopefully I will soon start looking more interesting, like U!

Rorosto said...

I've started reading only recently, but I really like your point of view. I think the person who said negative things just doesn't get it. Since there are a bunch of lovely ladies posting this sort of thing and linking to each other, you aren't fawning over yourself just to gloat. By having your own voice on your own blog, you're a part of a community, and thus a dialogue. It's a good thing. Don't stop for the short-sighted.

aziza said...

What? Don't change your blog just because someone's being a jerk. If they have a problem with your blog there's always that little x button on their window. Don't apologise because they're too dumb to use it.

Keep on posting what YOU want cause it's YOUR blog. No one elses.

Belle said...

hello, blogs are made for self indulgence, be as self obsessive as you want--i like reading it! seriously, i love your blog and i'm sure everyone who reads it as well appreciates your musings. :)

susie_bubble said...

I get this sort of crap all the time and it is true that 'only personal style' blogs bore me a little but your's is anything but...and I'm a huge fan!