What I Wore

So it turns out after all that I did get to go out. Good thing, otherwise I would have called it a night early.

The first outfit is what I wore out today for coffee with a couple of my close friends. There was a cute baby boy running around the cafe and he managed to attach himself to the tassels on my bag. Unfortunately he pulled one strand off. Oh children.The second outfit I wore last night, slightly modified from the previous post.

The palette of the second outfit was inspired by something I put together with Polyvore. Around this time last year I never would have figured myself for a pink and florals girl. I tend to bounce back and forth all over the place with my style lately.


B said...

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the insight on my blog, I'm glad you liked it. You've got a cool sense of style!

altamiranyc said...

The safari jacket you picked out for your boyfriend is nice.

BUT your pictures on your other blog...they are phenomenal. You have some real talent no doubt.