Fabric Mutt

I took photos of this particular outfit Friday night before I went to a Ladytron concert but then my camera ran out of batteries and I never got around to making a post. I really should have done it yesterday since I had all afternoon to recharge them but I was being rather lazy and went out to see a movie instead. Bad blogger! By the way, if you're into a suspenseful emotional roller coaster, see the Italian film The Unknown Woman. Both my friend and I were left in tears by the end of the movie. I think my emotional quota is filled for the week.

Back to the outfit, this skirt was purchased at Value Village many months ago but I never quite knew what to pair it with, so it was never worn. But I am still very attracted to the odd combination of purple suede and burnt orange corduroy. So now as I am attempting to reacquaint myself with my closet, I pulled it out again and paired it with whatever struck me first. That would be this pretty blue top. I actually ended up wearing it with a dark teal v-neck tee just in case the crowd in the front would get rowdy (wouldn't want buttons popping off anywhere), but I like this version better, so I'm posting the blue blouse.

Random note: I think I need to come up with new poses. How do models do it?


Rich Hippie said...

beautiful love your blog!

BlossomClothing said...

i love your shirt
it looks really soft :)
your website is ace!
fancy swapping links?
comment me back or email me :)
love from blossomclothing

aziza said...

I absolutely adore the skirt.

Trend de la Creme said...

Loving the skirt!

Belowen said...

That colour blue looks incredible on you. Your photos are beautiful :)

susie_bubble said...

What a beautiful shot!

cindy said...

very gorgeous; i LOVE the skirt!

The Vancouverista said...

great blog!! i love finding more fashionable vancouverites!!

Anonymous said...

thats skirt is amazing and it looks great with that shirt

Marina Hermanovna said...

lovesit! brilliant outfit, and the Kenzo inspired one is purrfection as well.

as for the models, well most of the times they keep doing the same poses indeed.

it's the photographer that suggest something different... than again it depends on the photographer.

I certainly do, to avoid getting the fashion cliché on my pics!!