Inspired By...

Today's bit of inspiration is rather random and unorganized. Oh well, such is my mind.

The booties on the top left are from eBay seller Downtown Vibe Vintage, a store mentioned by Lauren of Fops and Dandies just a short while ago. I love the way they are presented here, with the top folding outwards instead of being tucked in. They look like a pretty flower.

To the bottom left is one of the most ingenious menswear pairings I've seen in a while from Easy Fashion in Paris. Is the stripe on the pants actually lime green? Paired with red shoes? The quirkiness works so well.

I am in awe of the girl on the far left from The Facehunter wearing the tight, high-waisted, mid-length shorts. I hate wearing shorts myself, as none of them look quite right to me, and so I prefer skirts for warmer temperatures.

The girl in the middle might as well be me. Brown hair, heavy bangs, penchant for layering the dramatic over simple black basics… Yep. Apparently she made the shirt/dress herself. There’s a way to work in the fringe trend and make it your own. Photo from Hel-Looks.

Lastly, the girl on the far right, also from The Facehunter, who pulls in three big trends: jumpsuits, fringe, black and blue… Very fun.


Fred The Mole said...

Hi from Paris Sabrina !

It's funny you choose this picture on Easy fashion, because, this is the feet of Face Hunter ... during the Week Fashion show of Paris.
Nice blog by the way.

Fred the Mole

Sabrina said...

Of course! Who else but Ivan? The photo has been sitting around on my computer for a while now.

cindy said...

ohh i love those bright red shoes! lovely.

Winnie said...

I love the style of that third girl! She DOES look like you! great blog!