Orient Excess

Napoleonic-style vest: check
Oodles of layers and ruffles: check
Decadent decor: check

Everything I love and more.

Scanned by Manuva from tfs.com


Jimena said...

Hey Sabrina,

I've tagged you to write six unespectacular quirks about you. I checked your blog to see if you had been tagged to do this one and I don't think you have! I hope I'm right.

The rules are in my blog.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing! And you have an inspirational sense of style. Colour me jealous :)

Mer said...

pure summer, I love those pics

dizzyink said...

I love these pictures. To me, they're very reminiscent of Delacroix's Morocco-inspired paintings, such as the Women of Algiers (link below):