Strawberry Fields

How surprised was I to come across this US Elle editorial, sipping on a strawberry smoothie and wearing pink and florals myself? Very surprised. The sheer pink tights and red patent shoes really make the outfits something special. I'm quite surprised to find this in US Elle of all places. And they picked Valentine to model? Very pleasantly surprised.

From elle.com


yulanda said...

I think I need to pick up the June issue of Elle. Thanks for the heads up -- I never bother with flipping through Elle at the store. And, I never realized my blog's background is the same as elle.com in a different colour.

susie_bubble said...

Me thinks I need to flick through US Elle again...

ellastica said...

I just literally opened up my mail-box an hour ago to find this issue!
I find Valentine a bit bland and over-used but the ed has a nice mood and is a nice change. i love the shocking red jil sander dress.
Joe Zee has a much stronger stylistic eye than Gilles, as do the stylists he works with.
i'm just glad they got rid of Isabel Dupre. she put together some of the worst,tackiest eds i'd ever seen in ELLE.
Niquet goes for the hipster models, which i'd take over Victoria Secret model types any day.
The Shalom ed is beautiful.