Weariness, Work, Weddings

I've been a bit under-the-weather lately (more tired than sick though), so what I did not find amusing was finally returning to update my blog last night only to find out that my internet was down! Argh!

Work is so far so good. You guys guessed it right, I'm now employed at Value Village and I'm spending an inordinate amount of time there. Yesterday I was assigned to clean-up the kid's section, which I thought would go over well since I probably wouldn't find anything I would buy there. Wrong! There was a very cute shirt-dress and colorful skirt in the XL section. Oh dear. I'm supposed to be saving money for my trip in August. At least for now I haven't spent any! But I am eyeing a particular SLR camera... Maybe I'll luck out and someone would have already bought it by the time I return to work this afternoon.

Today I will also be attending my first wedding. Actually, I'll be missing the actual ceremony due to work (bummer), but I will be able to attend the long party afterwards! My boyfriend says there isn't anything to miss in the ceremony, but for a person who hasn't seen one yet, I'd say there's quite a bit to miss! I'm fascinated by cultural ceremonies. Anyways, last night I was scrounging around through my closet to see what would be appropriate attire. As you can see, it looks like I've given up color matching for a few weeks. I like the unexpected combinations. But the shawl does look rather dull and mumsy-ish... at least to me. Please excuse the messy hair.


bi-style said...

I think it's a very good dress for your first wedding. Mostely I like the shoes!
Enjoy the wedding!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous outfit!

Belowen said...

Those shoes are divine! And I love the colours of the dress, I have one similar :) (yours reminds me of marni)

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cindy said...

bahhh i love that outfit!
i would very much like to steal the contents of your closet, hahahah.

susie_bubble said...

I love that pink with the blue...really beautiful...reminds me of Louise Markey's dresses

Anonymous said...

Wow I love the way you belted your pink shawl with the cobalt dress-looks great! Hope you had fun at the wedding!