While the City Sleeps

I think the biggest eye-opener that I came across when I first got into fashion is how fun it is to mix up textures. This editorial would be part of my dream wardrobe. I love the masculine blazers layered over top of heather-grey sweaters with waves of messy ruffles streaming from the bottom. I once ran into an amazing pair of black buckled boots, similar to the ones in this editorial, at Value Village. Unfortunately they were priced at $70, which I thought was ridiculous for VV and refused to by them. Now I sort of wish I had...

From Vogue Nippon June 2008
Scanned by A.T. from tfs.com


Sean Watson said...

Such a beautiful model and photography. I really do like the idea of blending textures, it's fascinating. Not something I'd ever focused on but is worth time.

Nita-Karoliina said...

those shoes in the last pic are gorgeous, hmm..can i afford them..no! do i want them..yes!

MULANNE said...

love the photo choices! I love those big black boots and that cute think gray toque! :)

Kira Fashion said...


so cool blog!
lets exchange links?
i hope so,

a kiss and a hug,

Magnus said...

Yeah.. Some really good photos there..