DIY Vest Dress

I had quite a few remarks on my vest dress from members of Chictopia. I made the dress from an old vest I thrifted. I call it a vest even though it is long and buttons up because the buttons stop somewhere around the belly-button, it obviously wasn't originally intended to be worn as a dress. I could have simply buttoned it up and sewn the rest, but then, since the vest is rather large, it would've been droopy around the armpits and generally unflattering overall. So I came up with this little scheme in the changing rooms at Value Village.

Step 1: The dress has laces at the top, so I criss-crossed them.
Step 2: Tie the laces around the back of the neck. Since the vest is large, the fabric overlaps and no gaps of skin are exposed at all in the middle.
Step 3: Add a neat-o belt. Or two. I layered a slim light-beige leather belt over a wider black satin one.

That's it! Ridiculously simple, eh?


Amelia said...

That's really cool.

MULANNE said...

wow! love the look, the crinkled texture is awesome and so is the colour :)

enc said...

Yes, it's super-cool. The texture of that fabric is captivating.

Belowen said...

Genius. And that colour works wonderfully on you!

susie_bubble said...

The texture is amazing!