How big is your mirror?

Hey everyone, I apologize for the slow down in blog posts lately. I've been harboring an aversion to the computer this week. I can't sit still for a good hour or so to catch up on things. I'm sure the phase will pass. In other news, I have a massive new mirror! If you could infer the size of someone's ego from the size of their mirror... well... Let's hope not.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I know this aversion. Like, I am seeing 200+ blog posts in my google reader and am too lazy to scroll through, even less to blog myself.

Haha, I have two body length mirrors, but both have a modest size :D

SHOEGAL said...

My mirror is at least 6ft by 3ft. And it has a chunky frame which make it look huge!

Lady Melbourne said...

I'm not really looking at your outfit- what a beautiful room!
That side board and mirror are really beautiful, how lucky you get to spend time there everyday.

yulanda said...

I don't even have a mirror in my room :|
But there are full-length mirrors elsewhere in the house that I use.

Fashion Is Poison said...

ahhh mine is NOT BIG ENOUGH!

K.B. said...

oh my gosh, that is quite a big mirror! it probably adds practically a whole other room onto your house!

p.s. i love the skirt you are wearing in the picture.. it looks like leather?