Shearling Coat

The image of this particular Jil Sander ad, dating back to 2004, still resonates with me today. It may be the graceful swoop of the collar, but this ad really sells the jacket to me. I've wanted a clean-looking shearling jacket for a while now. But I have yet to find the perfect one.

From mathias-lauridsen.com

This season, I quite liked these particular vests from Richard Chai and Topshop Unique, paired with a light-knit turtleneck and boots.

From style.com

So you may be wondering by now why I keep talking about winter clothes in the summer. Well, after the brief two days or so of sun, it's back down to a chilly 14-15 degrees. Hello? Summer? Where are you hiding? Stop playing games with me!

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Belle said...

.....mathias lauridsen is my favorite model ever. So natural anything he's in makes me drool. Scar. love.