Something old, something new

Yesterday I made my first discounted purchase at work. I ended up buying the Pentax K1000 I had my eye on. I'll need to test the light meter with batteries to make sure everything is in working order but it looks like a good buy. While I was waiting for someone to help me with my camera I was eyeing a lady next to me who was looking at a beautiful snake bracelet. Luckily she put it back and I swooped in to purchase it. I was afraid of losing it for a short while. I'm not much of an accessory person because I have a knack for losing small expensive things, but when I do love something I don't let it out of my sight.

The wedding party was much fun and I was surprised at the ease with which I wore my vertiginous heels that night. I was even able to dance and prance around in them. I worry for the future state of my feet, however. Now I'm craving more and more high heels. This could be a problem.

Today I walked in my neighborhood and visited a few smaller thrift stores that I rarely browse through. I didn't end up purchasing anything but did take a couple photos of things that interested me. I found a beautiful hand-embroidered shift dress which was quite lovely but I didn't have enough to buy it at the time. I also like this very long studded belt that I'm still thinking about purchasing. Maybe if it's still on my mind I'm meant to have it?


Sales Rack Raider said...

The studded belt is gorgeous, as is the picture (there's something about the belt on the peeling surface). If it's still on your mind, maybe it's meant to be. :)

Belowen said...

I believe that if you walk away from an item and it plays on your mind, and when you return to purchase it, it's still there - then it's meant to be!