An Editorial Worth Pondering

I'm a little slow on the uptake with this since photos of the September Harper's Bazaar editorial with Tyra Banks have been circulating online for a week now. I couldn't resist offering my two cents worth though.

There is something very unsettling about Tyra's editorial. It looks too posed, too idealistic, too much like a false veneer. I thought the American dream died a long time ago. Can we wake up now? It's creepy. They're attempting to create iconic images about people who still have yet to deliver. Let the icon instead be created through the actions of the person in question. Stop grasping for another mask to hide behind. Please leave politics out of celebrity culture unless you're prepared to back up the blatant idolatry with an honest discussion!

I hope I haven't offended anyone. I went through the last paragraph many times in fear of being misunderstood. I am not criticizing Mr. Obama here. I'm criticizing the media's sly way of permeating the collective consciousness of the American people with images that clearly have a political agenda, even though it isn't made explicit.

I guess my point is that I don't think one man, even if he may be the president, can affect the change necessary to heal the country. There is no instant panacea.

The rest can be found at tfs.com


Marina Hermanovna said...

I agree 100% Sabrina, those pics are cheesy.

BTW way, I've sent you a diamond!

This means you have to download the pic of the award on my blog and you'll be one of my 7 top fashion bloggers.. I'm not very sure how this qhole thing works because I just got my diamond but hey! let's give this a try!

I'm sure those diamonds look more real than these oics!!

Shay said...

I'm with ya, these are creepy, weird and uncomfortable. But at the same time, this is how America does things, many of them take the patriotism and ra-ra at face value and without question. You couldn't do this kind of editorial in Canada, it just wouldn't work or make any sense.

Lady Melbourne said...

Ok I must be slow on the uptake as well as I haven't seen these yet, but my take is they're just plane strange!

Stacy said...

i totally agree with you on this subject!
it's not right posting such an editorial before he's even elected! it's more then creepy!

susie_bubble said...

I think it's patriotic to the point of farcical....or were they going for that?

Dinie said...

i gave u a diamond.

oh,agreeing with susie.

my empty closet said...

counting the eggs before they hatch... i think your opinion rings very true.

Abby said...

just read through your blog and i gotta say that you are an AMAZING dresser! your style is so fantastic!


Vi said...


Lisa said...

hi lady love!

new to the blog world.

I am Canadian, but live in Cape Town ( have for the past 4 years...)

I'm loving your blog. Amazing styling + writing...

thanks for sharing your thoughts + passions.