Fall Wardrobe

It looks like fall has come for good now. The past few mornings definitely had my teeth chattering. I'm already layering fall jackets on top of blazers. I just hope I won't have to pull the coats any time soon though. Fall is my favourite season because of the cool weather and beautiful colors but it always seems to change into winter too quickly. But don't even get me started on the rain. I must be the only person in Vancouver who doesn't own a pair of rainboots.

The next few days are exciting for me because I'll be attending a couple of shows at BC Fashion Week for the first time. I haven't decided what I'll be wearing yet! Suggestions?

Here's what I've been wearing these past few days.

Black wool blazer: thrifted, black long-sleeved shirt: Jacob, green jodhpurs: Topshop, belt: thrifted.

Same as before with: grey wool scarf: thrifted, jacket: Zara.

These shoes were my grandma's uncle's way way back in the day. They were given to my dad, who wore them occasionally in the winter (on the rare occasion that we get snow). I decided to steal them and keep them for myself. They're so unique, and they need some more lovin.

Grey/white wool jacket: thrifted, scarf: thrifted, grey sweater: some chain store in Bucharest, pleated/draped pants: Zara, sneakers: Keds.

Scarf: thrifted, blazer thrifted, jeans: Terra Nova, grey sweater: same as before, shoes Keds, belt: thrifted.


Amelia said...

I hardly even recognize you without your glasses now. Great pictures. I love the plaid jacket.

Paige said...

I must be the only person in Vancouver without a raincoat.
I don't have an umbrella either.
I DO have rain boots though.

Nature Grafitti said...

lovely lovely outfits
i adore :)

Nature Grafitti said...

trade links?

Anonymous said...

cute magazine rack! where's it from?

Mimi said...

Interesting shoes indeed! I love the last look with the grey scarf and buttoned up blazer.

Oh, I have the same exact magazine rack :) ...I think I got it at Pier 1, not sure.

Kevin~~ said...

these are amazing photos!


Belowen said...

Everytime I see you in your white sneakers it reminds me of how much I want them for myself!

susie_bubble said...

Love the shoes and the story behind them... do you just happen to have the same size?

seraphina said...

these are really nice photos! =) Do you get your friends to help you take them or do you actually set your camera on a self-timer mode?

Sabrina said...

Anonymous: I actually can't recall where the magazine rack is from. Maybe the Home Depot? Nothing fancy. But I guess you could try Pier 1 as Mimi suggested.

Susie: I do have the same size! I'm just as tall as my dad so we have the same size. The only difference is in width. I often buy sneakers from the guys department too.

Seraphina: These photos were taken with my self-timer. I used flash to compensate for the back light and stopped down a little (set it on a shorter shutter speed) so everything wasn't too bright.

Anonymous said...

great jodhpurs!

Miss A said...

I don't own Rainboots either (and am from Vancouver)
I've survived this far, so am not worried!
Love the blog.

etoilee8 said...

I looked at that very same plaid wrap cardi at Zara recently. It's really nice but it was a little steep for my teeny budget. It looks sweet on you though.

Frickys said...

Love, love, love the last look! The scarf compliments the whole outfit and the silhouette is so lean.