Bundled Up

After freezing my toes off walking around campus with wet feet today I was very much in the mood for some warm winter inspiration. After browsing hundreds (no joke, I spent an hour!) of pages worth of magazine threads at thefashionspot, I have come to the conclusion that the fashion industry is stark-raving mad. Where are all of the winter editorials? It's almost December! You'd think publications in the northern hemisphere would crank out at least a few warm and cozy looking editorials around this time of year. All I can find is models prancing around in their underpants with a fur jacket or two.

So in the absence of any current inspiration, I decided to dig through my messy archive of random photos to see what I can find. Ahh that's better.

ID mag via foto_decadent, A. F. Vandevorst via style.com, Stella McCartney via style.com, other sources lost

Speaking of wet feet, I've been on the lookout for simple stylish rain boots but can't seem to find any to my liking. I'm looking for black knee-highs in particular. Any Vancouverites know where I can go to solve this dilemma?


danamite said...

thank you so much - while i am in the interior and already suffering under mountains of snow - this inspiring page will make winter that little bit more scrumptious... as will a heating pad at the end of the bed to defrost toes. i loves the blog - thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

i love that huge fur coat on the model second to the right in the bottom row... she's got lovely knee high boots as well. Something of the sort you're looking for?