Layered Raspberry Souffle

During my trip to Prague I met the lovely Sabina, a reader of this blog, who was kind enough to show me where to go and what to see in terms of shopping in the Czech capital. One store we visited was Leeda, an apparent hit-and-miss style-wise, or so I've been told. Looking at their current collection (nothing but bathing suits!) I'm assuming that this particular season is their off-season. However, I did fall in love with a zany little dress when I visited the store last August. It has layers and layers of light pink and orange fabric. The standout of the line at the time, in my opinion. I can see it glowing prettily under neon club lights. It's a shame they didn't let me take a picture in the store, or display the dress better.

Yesterday I found a nice comparison to the dress. The Mischen version is more subtle and refined (and still out of my price range!) but still gives off that yummy dessert feeling.

On the runway, Pollini's layers of fruity colors certainly brings to mind a mix of lemons, kiwis, raspberries, grapes and oranges. I probably shouldn't blog when hungry.


Amelia said...

I'm not one for pink, but these are great. I love the Mischen one.

yulanda said...

The last two are gorgeous.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Ahhh I adore the last too... so feminine and fun