Paolo Roversi and the Large Format Camera

A little bit of inspiration for any photographers our there. This is a scan from the October 1998 issue of Vogue Italia with Audrey Marnay shot by Paolo Roversi. I admire him for primarily shooting with a large format camera. It's something I definitely would like to try sometime. Last night I was looking through a book of old Hungarian photographs from the Romantic to the Avante-garde period and I love the soft focus and lighting you get with these old cameras. Does anyone else get annoyed by digital cameras butchering photos when there is too much contrast between light and dark spots? It looks jagged. No?

Via Photo_decadent


tigermilk said...

thank you for the inspiration. and i agree i would definetly love to try that format.

Kat said...

audrey marnay is such a cool looking model!

Valentine said...

Paolo Roversi is one my favorite photographers as well. His works are a constant source of inspiration for me and its not just for photography.

+ Audrey Marnay and him = genius.


Mimi said...

Breathtaking picture.

www.freshfeeling.net said...

I very much agree and hope to try it some day... I love developing my own b/w-photographs and sometimes I think it's just too bad that digital is taking over cus it makes it harder to get a hold of everything u need.