Tagged! Random Picture Post

I've been tagged by The Vancouverista!
The rules:
1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images
2. pick the 4th picture in the folder
3. explain the picture
4. tag 4 people to do the same

You may or may not know that, outside of fashion, I'm into some pretty kooky things like sacred geometry. This image was found on a random google trip so I don't remember the source. I would love to see a collection that ties in this kind of geometry. It's so elegant. In a mathematical way.

I tag the readers of my blog because I'm curious to see what you all dig up. Tell me if you're giving it a go!


cindy said...

hahaha, how cool is that!

Frou Flu said...

haha ok i'm giving it a go:)