Dream Catchers, Sequins, Glow-Sticks... Must be London Fashion Week!

I thought the shows at New York were pretty good overall to be honest. I never suspected that I was somehow subconsciously bored... Until my eyes literally burst as the London collections started rolling out. Burst in the best possibly sense, of course. Maybe it's because I just came fresh out of Dressew (the fabric store) again, maybe it's because I had a Tim Horton's iced cap and the measly little amount of caffeine in said drink was already making my hands quiver, but I really, really loved what I was seeing.

Topshop Unique... where do I begin? It's not sophisticated, it's not austere, it doesn't hold anything back, and it's just what I wanted to see. I love squiggly neon stripes zigzagging down leggings and dresses, the multitude of sequins, the thick fringe scarves and jackets, thigh-high boots (Rodarte or Topshop?)... It's a million diy projects just waiting to happen. I guess those who are already sick of nu-rave might be cringing, but you have to appreciate a collection so in-your-face it's unforgettable.

The contact-lenses the models sported at Ann-Sofie Back kind of spooked me, I admit. I didn't notice them until one particular model with bigger eyes came up and... a little yelp ensued. But moving on to the clothes, I rather like the ying-yang closure on the last coat, as well as the shredded sweater and dress. I once made a dream catcher in elementary school. I wonder if I could incorporate that into clothing somehow.

Basso and Brooke never cease to impress with their amazing patterns. I love the Baroque inspired motifs throughout the collection. Sometimes a great pattern almost eliminates the need for innovative cuts and other details. I'd love to wear one of these works of art just as they are.

I quite liked the sweater dresses at Armand Basi. He has inspired a DIY studding project. And these creeper-style shoes are everywhere now! All over the blogosphere, all over the runways. Looks like I caught on pretty late actually. A good practical trend, in my opinion.

A great new silhouette debuted at John Rocha. The pants are very voluminous and bottom-heavy but I kind of like them. It feels a bit Japanese, like it could have been on a Limi Feu catwalk as well.

Phew! This was quite a long post by my standards. I'm more of the one-photo "Look at this! Isn't it pretty?" kind of blogger. Maybe it's the caffeine. I hope it was inspiring!


X said...

Wow you're right Topshop unique is so in-your-face...but that is just my style. I'd never paid much attention to fashion weeks before now, London is definitely the most out-there.

Amelia said...

Yeah, London usually seems to be a lot quirkier than New York. I love the Basso & Brooke collection. I'm definitely looking forward to more London stuff.

brooke said...

very inspiring! those pieces you mentioned are quite dream catcher-y! I have one in my room, it would be awesome to incorporate into a dress or skirt. hmm. and the topshop unique stuff is, very unique. I like the feathered (perhaps fur?) blue/grey mini dress. lovely!

Brooke xx

Antonia said...

Yes, I live in Winnipeg.
Winnipeg is totally under-rated on the fashion radar. We have some fabulous vintage/second hand/antique stores and Osborne/Corydon street are great for boutique shopping and sushi or greek food. But as much as I rep the city, there isn't tons for a fashion student right out of school, I'll be graduating w/my degree in Textiles & Apparel Production next year and at 21 yrs old will still have so much to learn. Hopefully continue my education in New York (that's my plan so far!).

Thanks for the add! I'll be checking back for sure!


deep_in_vogue said...

Great post, visual and informative! Wow the prints on Basso and Brooke are really something!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Heart Basso and Brooke, the cuts and colours are gorgeous

Twobreadsplease said...

I love LFW! And all the sequins and circle scarves in the topshop unique collection make me so happy. I hope Ann Sofie-Back does another collaboration with Topshop this year, i want some dreamcatcher feathers! xx

Alice X said...

holy moses, these are such FANTASTIC picks. i adoree them all!


lauren said...

Totally love the whole Mad Max/End-of-the-world/Jedi vibe to this collection! So tough!