Space Trooper

Happy Valentine's day! I hope you all are spending it with someone who makes you happy.

Last night I did indeed go to my friend's Radtastic Space Party. I was planning on taking photos of the tin foil and neon but looking back, they just look like any old drunken party pictures so I decided against posting them. One girl crafted a whole dress out of tinfoil. It was very cute, with a big bow at the waist. Sadly it kept shredding as the night wore on.

Here is what I wore, missing some neon but I definitely had the shine down. I used to wear this top layered under a white v-neck tee in grade 12 of high school. It's about time I brought it out again. I wish I could find leggings in this exact fabric.


The Beatnik said...

I love your outfit and your blog! Gorgeous! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Amelia said...

That top is amazing. Sounds like a fun party.

- Cheese said...

Love your style! Such an inspiration