VPL - Gimme Gimme

I prepped this post before extending the width of the blog content area so this is the very last time images will be smaller. Bear with me!

One of my favourite New York collections was VPL, which debuted a lot of basics mixed up with the more unexpected, like a monkey fur capelet for example (human hair? synthetic?). I was quite inspired by the wide range of looks and the versatility of all of the pieces. For myself, I would love the one-legged body suit, wide elastic belts, breeches (are those made of jersey?), cocoon jacket, bright yellow leggings, those loose shorts on Daul, the sheer blue top on Hannelore... the list goes on. Oh! And all of those lovely necklaces.

Photos via style.com


Insomnia said...

Also really like the necklaces and that (horse?) hair bolero on the last picture just stole my heart!

Insomnia said...
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K.B. said...

A seriously amazing collection. I can see you in any of these outfits!

N.B. said...

I'm in love with the pants in this collection.