What I Wore VS How I Would Like to Wear It

It's been a very busy week and I unfortunately didn't have much time to catalogue outfits or even keep up with my fashionspot surfing/google reading. But I did put some extra thought into the outfit I wore yesterday so I thought it was worth taking some time to post. Here is a comparison of what I actually wore yesterday (a bit further down) with how I would like to be wearing it (directly below), if the weather were nicer, and if I had something else to do besides trek around campus.

The green lace turtleneck is actually my mother's. We steal each other's clothes a lot. She likes to shop second hand just as much as I do. And probably has more time to do it these days (I'm very jealous).

I did actually go shoe hunthing this weekend but didn't end up buying anything. I found some lovely buckled ankle boots from Aldo but they were completely out of my size (make more 41s people!). I didn't see the Nine West pair that I'm lusting after (which apparently didn't blow you all out of the water. Oh well, I'm still in love).

I also went to a sci-fi themed goth night on Saturday, feeling a bit out of place because, as I was just coming from my grandmother's birthday, my topshop jodphurs and plain blue sweater combination just seemed so boring compared to the sea of PVC bubble skirts and silver trenches. Luckily I have another chance to dress up at my friend's space themed birthday party at the end of the week. There will be pictures of neon! And there will be tin foil! Or so I was promised.


style crusader said...

Beautiful details in your first outfit! I can't believe those shoes are Topshop, they look amazing


Rosa said...

Oh wow your such a bueaty! xx

Rosa said...

Ok so no face...but (to quote clueless) you got great stems! Plus your style and elegence makes u beautiful even with seeing ur face ;-) The belt is zara (of course is there anywere else to find such kick ass accesories?..) xxx

PUNKIE said...

wow! first is my favorite!

naboonies said...

Your first look is soo cohesive, I'm liking it!
The thrift finds are great, looks like mothers and daughters do have fine taste.

Wanna exchange links? :)

Naboonies from Dunia Fashyon

anna said...

love your outfit, very feminine and love the colours too :)

shaz said...

hi, i've been lurking here for a long time. i am an admirer of your fashion and your photos. do you mind very much if i ask you what camera and lens do you use? your photos have that velvety feel in them, and the colors are always so gorgeous!

Ruxandra said...

I love love love the first outfit:)It's so chic and girly.And the shoes, absolutely gorgeus!