Kevin Wearing Sovereign Beck

For the last month or so I've been in correspondence with Will Beck from Sovereign Beck Ties, a Brooklyn-based men's accessory design company. Sovereign Beck specializes in unique neck-ties, bow-ties and pocket squares. They design and hand make all of their pieces. Having a great affinity for off-beat menswear style, I asked Will to send a couple of samples over so I could have a bit of fun styling Kevin for a blog photo shoot. We chose a mix of classic and modern-graphic and went with a purple wool herringbone and a lavender cotton crystal-print tie.

Today was such a beautiful sunny day that we rushed outside to take photos before we missed the light. Unfortunately by the time we went back upstairs so Kevin could change outfits, the sun went down and the lighting was more dull. Ah, summertime, how I miss you. But we still managed to snap these two outfits below. Kevin saved my butt for the first one. I didn't know what jacket to put over top of the graphic combo, but he pulled out this red leather jacket that I had completely forgotten about!

I also made him put on the blue eye-square again because I loved it so much last time... But I don't always dress him!

Aside from the Sovereign Beck ties, and lavender Leo Chevalier shirt, everything else Kevin is wearing was thrifted. Yes ok, thrift-shopping was completely my influence over him. Heh.


M A Z P E said...

very cool and unique


Cruz said...

This is totally rad, anything that makes the world of suit and ties more fun is definitely good in my book.

Alice X said...

my god your boyfriend is awesome if he lets you put blue eyeshadow on him and dress him up! lucky girl:)