Link-back requests

I must have the nicest blog readers in the world! After reading a few annoyingly fun-killing comments about my diy project on the comment board at Refinery 29, I was so happy to see that you guys enjoyed my upholstery trim sweater as much as I did! Can't mention how grateful I am to amass such an open-minded crowd.

The past couple of days have been a bit hectic for me. I finally presented my marketing plan project in class today (I did UNICEF!), and I am relieved to get it out of the way at last. I'm hoping to catch up on google reading and maybe come up with some outfits that don't bore me to tears while I'm wearing them.

Anyways, the real purpose of this post is to once again open the floor up to anyone who would like to be linked to. I'm in the process of reorganizing my links list so that I can include everyone without having my google reader flooded every morning.

So ask away!


holierthannow said...

hi, why are there no comments yet?? i read this blog every day and so do a zillion bloggers!

would love to do a link exchange.. i am just getting my FIRST EVER list together (you would have been on it anyway, but an exchange even better)

xo www.holierthannow.blogspot.com

MySpecialStash said...

don't let those nasty commenters get to you- the anonymity of the internet makes it so easy to be unduly critical! they're clearly just jealous that you've been featured on such a great site.
i would love to swap links! my blog is myspecialstash.blogspot.com

thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

oh, i'd love to exchange links! you're blog is super fabulous!


camerafilmroll said...

I found your blog recently and I really like it! Love your scarf-turned-top diy, I'm definitely trying it out soon!

Exchange links? (:

Alison said...

Who would not love an upholstery trim trimmed top? Especially if said trim is from Dressew. That basement is DIY Mecca.
I've been reading your blog for ages, it's great. I just started my own, and linked to you - hope that's OK, don't know the protocol... It's
Love to know what you think!

corrie said...

Hey, you know what they say, ef the haters. I loved your sweater, I think some people are just quite conventional.

Anyway, I'd love be linked if you'll have me. I'm over at

And I look forward to your future DIYs, please don't get discouraged!

LUCAS said...

Hey, I just found your blog after seeing the DIY project on Refinery29. I want to make my own!

Anyways, I just started my blog...maybe you'd like to link to some mens styling?

Can't wait to see more of your DIY projects!

-Lucas @ fatherofdetroit.blogspot.com

Shay said...

screw those guys. I look forward to more DIY's from you...

Kate said...

Just so you know, your sweater inspired me to start working on a Gemma Slack inspired braided sweater piece.
I really hope you enjoy my blog and don't let people get you down. :]


PinkBow said...

i'd love to exchange links!


Hannah said...

If you like my blog:


then it would be lovely if you could link me!

KB said...

I'm a new reader, and would love to exchange links!


Ditte said...

I would love to exchange links too!


cherie said...

i was inspired by your scarf dresses. so gorgeous! i'm going to try one out soon as it's so hot in my place already.

I would love to exchange links ;)


jo said...

hope to be added on your links! thanks (: we're commerce/business students too and we're so inspired with your DIY stuff!

Cari said...

haters gonna hate. I have a really awesome gif of that on my home computer. I will find it for you. Love to link exchange: http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

indigotangerine said...

I was just about to link you anyway!
check out our blog, it's me and my friend who keep it up.

Wanderlusting said...

Link me up, baby.

The internet brings out the worst in people and the best. I get very protective of fellow bloggers, especially when faced with nasty commentors.

I just hate how the web has become this vile breeding ground for insecure, petty people who hide behind veils of anonymity.

The Frocker said...

Hey there! I'd love to swap links. :)


2bella4u said...

Hey Sabrina let the haters do what they do best, hate! I wish I could DIY with some clothes!

I would love it if we could exchange links!

Michelle @ Circle of Style

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

You are already on my blogroll. I would love it you linked me too. I love your diy. I think it s neat and creative. Buck the Haters!

icmags said...

Link Exchange! Sabrina, you rock! I dig your style...seriously considering those Aldos myself...I have to go and try them on to see if I can do it.

Here's my blog, not necessarily about fashion, but it's a visual thing.


Diana said...

ah i don't think my commented was posted last night, but I would love to exchange links :)

*Diane* said...

love your blog,linking up would be great :-)

Kix said...

Love your blog! It would be great to be linked. :) Keep posting!

aholidayfromreal.blogspot.com :)

heleen db said...

that's the beauty of the internet - such a variety of people so there's always a crowd for whatever you do. I definitely enjoyed the sweater, very creative diy! :)

I'd liked to be linked but there are already a LOT comments on this post, so don't bother if my blog doesn't appeal to you :P

Ruxandra said...

it would be nice to exchange links:) http://sunsetoldstories.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

love your blog! keep the awesome coming!


A. said...

Hi! I love your blog and I think you have impeccable style-- the internet is a big mean place, but looks like it has lots of love for your talent too!

I would LOVE a link exchange! My blog is http://missmaterialist.blogspot.com, and you're one of the online style mavericks that inspired me to start my own, so thanks!


Mads said...

hi! I would love to exchange links.. I have a fairly new fashion/personal blog.. I hope you check it out!=)


Becoming Fearless said...

hey sabrina i would love to do a link exchange! and by the way i thought your diy was great.


Mathilde xxx

Delimited Addiction said...

hi, I would like to exchange links too. my gf and I just started our blog - www.delimitedaddiction.com - I know she will love your blog. I have already added you to our blogroll.

Raez said...

dont mind them, dear. they are just jealous of your mad skills! that sweater is fantastic, could easily have been seen down any runway. (love love love!)

anyways. i would love if we traded links! you're a major inspiration and a great representative for canadian bloggers:) you're one of my fave canuck bloggers, for sure:D



Cara said...

Hi there,

Just came across your blog via Refinery and am in l-o-v-e with your Rodarte DIY. Check out some of my haute DIYs...


Would love to trade links!


Anonymous said...


I would be grateful to do a link exchange with you. I'm Vanessa @ Living Well (http://iambeautifultoo.wordpress.com)

Victoire said...

Hello! I would take you up on the link exchange offer!



bee said...

huzzah for link exchange!


tis serendipity said...

Hey Sabrina! =) Hope you won't mind doing a link exchange with me. Your blog has always been on my link list since it started since you ARE one of the main reasons I got inspired to start blogging in the first place X)

I still enjoy reading your blog so much and it's just gotten better and better. All your DIY stuff is incredible so don't get too bothered by all the comments on r29! It's pretty natural once something gets opened up to a wider audience there'll definitely be more variation in terms of comments but it doesn't mean that majority of your readers don't think that your scarf turned top diy project was awesome. Keep at it! =D

Jessica said...

I'm just starting up a list and I've added you to mine because I love your blog and your outfits. I'd love it if you could link me back! xx

tofu and chilli rolls said...

you're linked in mine! can I be in yours? ;)

great posts