Hyeres Recap

Maybe to the few (or many?) of you who have already seen A Shaded View on Fashion's recap of the Hyeres festival, this is already old news, but I still wanted to share tidbits of my favourite shows just in case. I quite liked Steffie Christiaens' beautiful "accidents" created by studying the movement of the wind and Maxime Simoens' colorful kaleidoscopic prints. The stiching on the middle dress in Simoens' collection reminds me somewhat of Balenciaga's famous SS 08 flower dresses. I always found it funny when people on forums would compare everything they see to Balenciaga but, sometimes, it's just unavoidable! I quite like that baseball stitch. This year's winners, Latvian designers Marite Mastina et Rolands Peterkops, churned out one of the most impeccably tailored leather dresses. I like their twisted take on film noir stock characters. French designer Anaïs Dougnac's collection was inspired by aviation, but I find it rather angelic. And I also give mad props to Harald Lunde Helgesen for recognizing aesthetic potential in something as dusty as archaeology. What gorgeous color gradients!

Photos from here, here, here, here and here.


lucille said...

woh ! I love that ! these outfits are so beautiful

Summer said...

Awesome! Love all these outfits.;D
Thanks for sharing.have a great day.;D


Solo said...

Great post as always.;D Thanks for sharing them to us.;D
Have a wonderful day.;D


Brook and Lyn said...

wow those harald lunde Helgesen faded blue pants are incredible. I love the middle suit as well.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

these are beautiful collections. i liked the third one the most.

Wanderlusting said...

Haha those wigs are freakin awesome! BTW supporting local fashion, I did an interview on my blog about Vancouver designer Hannah Fletcher for Narcissist. You should check it out!