Almost Free!

So things have slowed down a little for the last few days as I hit the books to study for exams. Tomorrow is my last one for the week, and my very last exam is well at the end of the month, which leaves me with a lot of free time starting tomorrow evening! Does anyone else get subconsciously stressed out over things? I thought I was handling exams well this semester, but then I kept having nightmares about not waking up in time to write the exam. And today I felt kind of dazed as I was about to black out for no particular reason. I'm not the kind of person that pulls all-nighters to cram so I don't think it's from a lack of sleep. Oh well, the worst of it will be over tomorrow!


Luxe. said...

I had 3 exams last week and I never realise how much they stress me out until they are over, after my last one I was really tired and felt like I was a zombie. Which was weird because it was only 2pm!

Crystal said...

This looks like my microecon book... are you at ubc?