The Clutch

Even though you can't fit anything in these tiny little things, I still love my clutch. Sometimes I'm carrying around an empty shoulder bag and wondering why I don't just downsize and take this beauty with me instead. I found this patent leather clutch in the neighborhood hospice society thrift store last fall. It's one of my favorite accessories (but I don't have many, I'm not much of an accessory girl). I'm pretty sure it's genuine patent leather, because the inside really feels like leather should. Today I scouted these Nine West clutches that look similar to mine, but of course, they're PVC. They're so vibrant and colorful that I would've snagged myself one if I hadn't already had my own.


mej said...

whoa what's that dress you're wearing? it's very pretty? can we see the whole outfit? please? looks lovely!

Sabrina said...

Thanks mej! It's a Zara dress from last summer. I've worn it in another photo with a sweater layered over top, but I'll take another photo for you :)