Color Theory

I abhorred pink all throughout my years of high school. Looking back, that opinion seems very unjustified. I think my hatred for pink developed from being exposed to lackluster combinations over and over and over... It seemed as if girls only paired pink with black or white... with matching accessories... and makeup. After seeing black yoga pants and pink hoodies for way too long, I naturally grew an aversion to the color. However, somehow pink has managed to sneak back into my wardrobe. During my stay in Italy last spring I picked up a lovely pink scarf, and then another in a darker hue. A few months later I purchased a bright fuchsia/pink cardigan. That brings the pink count in my closet to a grand total of three items. Not too bad. But it has only been recently that I've actually started to wear the items and really work with them.

I think my favorite combination is pink paired with orange. Something about those Nine West shoes really caught my eye. And although I wouldn't really wear it on a shoe (especially an impractical satin shoe), the combination worked really well when I paired the pink cardigan with my orange skirt (as pictured above). Another shocker: I did pink with black! In this case, it set off the other colors really well. So much for that prejudice.

Moving on, this fellow from The Sartorialist really knows his colors. Bright pink and blue? Who would've thought? Not me. I think the scarf is the clincher.


Anonymous said...

I love your pink and orange combo here. Call me uncreative but I never thought of putting pink and orange together....it looks fabulous though!


MULANNE said...

i too have a pink cardigan like that, and i can say i really don't wear mine out too often. But the orange/pink combo is a very welcoming idea. I guess if owned any orange for that matter...