Dazed and Confused

The Dazed & Confused May 2008 issue contains an editorial featuring a Tecktonick dancer wearing Jil Sander FW 2008. Moving past the cover itself (which I don't like because of their poor choice of typography), the corresponding editorial inside caught my eye because of that one Jil Sander suit. I'd love to style an outfit with that marbled pattern. It's definitely unusual looking but so fresh.

Pictures from Nicola Formichetti's blog.

Somehow my ingenious mother, always ahead of the times, came up with this t-shirt last November. I've been in love ever since.

Now about Tecktonick. Ok, it looks kinda cool on video. But imagine trying to pull one of these at a club? The wobbly elbows and windmill arms are a guaranteed black eye for someone.. Accidentally or on purpose. I'll call this the Kevin dance in honour of my dear boy, who's elbows always get him into trouble. Kidding, love, I know you read this :)

For your amusement:

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