It's all so surreal!

I hate checking my facebook account because nothing interesting ever happens. EXCEPT, yesterday I returned to my wall to find this fantastic movie recommended by a friend. L'année dernière à Marienbad, or The Last Year at Marienbad, is a odd little french film directed in 1961 by Alain Resnais. It centers around the relationship between three characters, the nature of which is never revealed. The plot loops in and out, following some sort of unknown pattern, but the viewer never really knows what's going on. The cinematography is perfection, just as surreal as the story. My favourite scene is the shot of the gardens during the day, when the standing couples cast long shadows but the trees themselves remain shadowless. The movie was styled by Coco Chanel, who's classic but modern choices set the characters somewhere outside of time. It's a feast for the eyes, I definitely recommend it. You can watch it on youtube here like I did, but this movie is definitely worth watching in all its glory on a big screen.

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