Say Hi to the Daulmonster

Say hi to Daul Kim. She likes to fork herself. I dig the slanted Y-3 hat and the long Comme des Garcons skirt with added hands. I appreciate a bit of eccentricity to a person's style. Stuffed hands? Sure! I eagerly anticipate CDG's collaboration with H&M. Please be weird! Please?

Images from Refinery 29 and IMAX via Sethii at tfs.com


Anonymous said...

asian pride! china's got lots of fantastic models people are starting to take notice of. i can't wait for them to get the attention they deserve.

oh and by the way, what i love most about your blog is the layout. its interesting without being too cluttered.


Regine said...

Nice blog, i like it!
Pretty model - nice video, even if i didnt understand what they said in it :D


susie_bubble said...

She pulls off subtle eccentricity well...

-h of candid cool said...

the skirt pocket is quite good

Anonymous said...

shes korean not chinese