Teens Turn To Thrift

USA Today posted an article announcing that teens are turning to thrifting as the the economy heads further into a recession. I wasn't surprised to see the statistics presented, as I've witnessed the change myself over the past year. Thriftstores have become much more crowded and popular as of late. I remember a over a decade ago when, as a new immigrant, I had to shop second hand as a necessity. I hated it. At that time, I was young and just wanted to be like other kids. Then in my last years of high school I returned to thrift shopping, this time out of choice. I simply wasn't satisfied with the selection of clothes in the mall and wanted pieces that were both unique and durable. Now I'm pretty much a regular. Even though I'd very much like to keep all of the good finds to myself, I'm happy that more people are deciding to be less wasteful when it comes to shopping. It's too bad that it was triggered by bad economic conditions, however. This is a trend I'd like to see continuing into the future.

Read the article here.


Nicole Then said...

i love shopping at thrift stores. the thing is you never know what you might find. and yes, it's wallet friendly too!

Manuela said...

Exactly. I`m always anxious to go thrifting, and I usually get some very nice stuff for around 20 $. All the beautiful and well made things that I find in malls and other shops are well over my budget, so it`s a good alternative.