Terry Richardson and His Yashica T4

A couple of days ago my boyfriend and I went thrifting in a part of the city we hadn't explored before. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything of interest, but we still came out winners at the end of the day. The bf came across a Yashica T4 at a Salvation Army branch for very very cheap and, knowing that it was worth much more, bought it and sold it on eBay for a nice little profit.

When looking up his camera, he came across this video of Terry Richardson shooting on his own Yashica. Apparently he uses this camera for the majority of his shoots! It's quite interesting to see a photographer that shoots on a film camera instead of digital, but even more interesting to know that he uses a point and shoot! Apparently the Zeiss lens on the camera is very sharp, that's why it has retained it's value for so long.


On Track said...

I like your collage :) I am a HUGE Terry fan, so I love this post :D

ROBOTS said...

OMG! Terry Richardson. I love photography from all angles!

altamiranyc said...

How interesting to learn that he still uses a film camera. I guess he joins the likes of Bill Cunningham then....I couldn't believe my eyes at NYC Fashion Week when I saw Bill speedily thumbing the lever on his camera!

Anonymous said...

it's fun to watch him point and shoot here:


Jardon said...

actually, i came across this!