Thrift Shopping

Things have been a little slow today and yesterday. Not to worry, it's exam week so I'll have all the time in the world by the weekend. Today I came home a little (a lot) dejected about an accounting exam. I pulled myself together and pulled out the econ textbook to study. As a little reward for still managing to get things done, I headed off to the neighbourhood Value Village to browse through the racks thoughtlessly. I came up with a few goodies.

First, a pair of loose, high-waisted, cropped pants. I had similar ones before but they were longer and low-waisted. Is it too much you think?

Next, a couple of scarves and The Canterbury Tales. I love the design of older book covers.


stupidcupcake said...

I think the pants looks really great on you.

Ginger said...

The pants look great...can't beleive it was thrifted :) err..I wish our thrift shops were cool like that..ours consists of smelly no hope grannyish sweater

Belowen said...

I never managed to grasp the art of thrift shopping. Although there really isn't anything too impressive here, from what I've seen... Those pants look great though! :)

Sabrina said...

Belowen and Ginger: For thrift shopping you have to be VERY patient. I usually take about an hour to scour through everything (if it's a bigger store). I try anything and everything that catches my eye at least once.

I'm glad you all like those pants! I'm wearing them now with white shoes and black socks. It looks a bit silly, maybe I'll save these pants for heels?

laia. said...

The pants are really cute on you. And Penguin always has the best book covers.

aficionada said...

Great blazer and style!

I remember reading The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer in HS. ;)