Today's Outfit

My last final was over and done with yesterday afternoon and now I have all the time in the world to... look for a job. A couple of my results have come in and I am pleasantly surprised. Today's outfit is a little repetitive. I felt like dressing in something that I know works. I'm still recovering from exams. I barely pulled myself out of bed. It felt as if my very bones were aching. On a second thought, I might switch the heels for flat boots before going out. I might zone out and trip over something, considering the state I'm in. Now I can finally relish tossing away my notes (recycled of course). I might stop by at the newly opened H&M in town. Have a good day folks!

Jacket: second hand
Sweater dress: Urban Behaviour
Scarf: second hand
Shoes: Aldo
Leggings: made by me


aziza said...

God I want a pair of Aldos soo bad. I love yours.

How did you make the tights?

Wendy said...

Those Aldo shoes are so badass!

Sabrina said...

Aziza: I found a pair of shiny stretch flared pants that I took in to make tights.

La Fille en Rose said...

way to rock those heels

stupidcupcake said...

Nice shoes