Painted Leather Shoes!

Continuing on with my bold pattern and shoe obsessions... introducing a line of hand painted leather shoes by the Brazilian label Neon. The shoes are made from scraps of painted cow-skin that the label's co-designer Dudu Bertholini has picked up while traveling. I love their sleek shape and slight heel. They're pretty unisex. I can see them worn with outfits of all kinds: skinnies, floaty skirts, long and short. Does anyone know of a type of paint that would withstand wear and tear from being placed on shoes? This would be a fun summer project.

Images from coolhunter.com

They strongly remind me of a pair of Yohji Yamamoto boots I was admiring from the SS 2008 collection.

Image from style.com


nv said...

you can get fabric paints from a craft store or something. I'm pretty sure that would work

roxanne said...

those boots! like doc martens meets a psychedelic jungle!

Giselle said...

hmmm...try acrylics. Those go on and never come off, though they might chip a little. :-/


susie_bubble said...

Right gonna try this pronto!

Alison said...

Nice pattern..! I have 3 pairs of leather shoes. I want to paint one of shoe for a new rocking and stylish look.

Anonymous said...

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