It's all my fault. There I was yesterday, looking through the fall collections and wishing I could still wear the cozy sweaters and many many layers. Now I've done it. It's so cold and miserable outside. 11 degress in June! Looks like I'll have to pull out my fall/winter clothes again, if only for the next couple of weeks. I'm stuck somewhere in fashion limbo, not quite being able to decide what I want to wear.

Meanwhile, I was getting a little tired of my mid-length hair and bangs look, so I decided to pull everything back and try something new. I look a little beyond my years, I think.


cindy said...

looking extremely chic, as usual! i love the contrast between your scarf and the blazer, and the pants are lovely.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this look!!

bi-style said...

Do you like to look a little bit older? You don't really look older, you look great!