For the days to come

So while I'm piling on the layers and turning on the heat in my house to keep warm (yes I actually had to turn on the heat, this new house gets so cold!), I can't help but think about what I would like to wear when summer finally arrives. I am also currently in need of a new bathing suit but it certainly looks like it can wait a few weeks. I won't be needing one any time soon.

Left to right: The Sartorialist, clutch from Nine West, Berardi from style.com, Louise Goldin from style.com, Elle.com, shoes from Nine West


yulanda said...

You should send some of your cold weather this way and I'll send some heat out there. It's supposed to be 31C tomorrow afternoon. ugh.

bi-style said...

this is the right style for germany. here we have 26-30 degrees. I love the left one.