Czech Fashion, Where Are You Hiding?

I'm very nervous and excited because in just two days I'll be flying off to spend a week in Prague and then another week in Romania! I'm very anxious to find out more about the Czech fashion scene. Unfortunately, by looking at the site of their fashion week (which hasn't been updated since the fall 2007 season), I've come to the grim conclusion that it isn't exactly alive and kicking. Nonetheless, there are a few treasures to be found while scouring through the photos of last last season's designs. I don't think that the corresponding runway shows are as exciting as the promo shots below, but these photos stood out for me.

I don't get many readers from the Czech Republic (judging from my google analytics data), but if you're out there, give me a shout! Maybe I just have poor researching skills, so I'd love to have my eyes opened. I've got the tourist sights covered, but I'm really hoping to find out more about where to shop, where to be inspired, where the locals like to show off their fabulous clothes, etc.

Images from PragueFashionWeek.com


Anthea said...

That photo with the dark sky is amazing. That blue runway is pretty cool too! I got re-routed to Prague once on my way home but I didn't have a chance to visit. It's supposed to be amazing, you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy:)

Sabina said...

I will do my best to help! Sabina

A.n.E said...

o wow! i'm going to prague in jan 09! you've gotta give me the low-down when you get back! from my google-ing i gather that there's a lot of antiques and vintage?

gotta take lots of pics for us =p

Anonymous said...

wow...thats all i can say!! when i look for high end fashion i usually check out bleuclothing.com first