Lie Sang Bong

I haven't even processed my own BC Fashion Week photos or finished looking through everything on the Milan runways and Paris has arrived already! Well, one mustn't ever fall behind Paris. For example, I might have missed the Lie Sang Bong ss 09 show, which blew me away with it's dreamy graphic look. Usually architectural collections have a very hard edge (Gareth Pugh ss09!) but these looks still retain an airiness that is very appealing.



Master said...

Hi ! This must be my first commentary on your blog, but I check it every day, and I must say that it's one of my five favourite blogs ever ! I especially love its design, you always pick the right pictures to make it beautiful. And I also love your style !
Keep up the good job.

A French girl in Moscow :o)

gircuri said...

hi!! this is my first commentary on your blog too!!, the collection of Lie Sang Bong seems to be great, it's the first time i heard about she, and i lked it a lot.
well sorry for my english, but i'm spanish, so i'm not used to speak in english.
i really like your blog!!

Anonymous said...

the clear black mesh/tulle structured skirt type thing is magnificent!

beccajanie said...

that mesh skirt with lovely blouse is gorgeous, as is the first dress with vertical stripes. beautiful.

Anonymous. said...

I'm really liking the colors
the black and blue


Rianna Bethany said...

These gorgeous graphic dreams you have picked for your post are stunning. The 2 piece suit reminds me of tetris blocks from a very old school gameboy! These images have shed new light on some of my uni work. Thanks a lot. I really enjoy your blog.
Rianna Bethany x

-h of candid cool said...

the colors are absolutely beautiful