Dive into Grandpa's Closet

Missoni's pre-fall collection stood out from the rest for me. It has pretty much managed to summarize the exact style I'm coveting at the moment: knits after patterned knits after patterned knits, with added matching tights, coats and shirts. As much as I also love minimalism or more complicated architectural styles, my wardrobe is created with a very tight budget many of my purchases are second hand. This collection is appealing to me because it seems much more attainable than others. Interesting patterns are quite easy to come by in thrift stores! That said, the pieces are still very sharply cut, and thus manage to give off a very modern feel despite their quirky thriftiness.

The mish-mash of knits continued with Missoni's mens collection. I really love the triangle sweater, which reminds me of some piece of art but I can't put my finger on it. I'm hoping that the fall collection will also run in a similar theme. I'm looking forward to more interesting eye-dazzling combinations!

from style.com


Carlene said...

I am loving the women's a lot more than the men's this time. I can totally see why you're feeling the multi-pattern knits, especially after your last post.

The coat on the far right is especially great, like the best vintage piece you'll never find.

Anonymous said...

this collections are indeed standing out, but i personally especially love the bold yet subtle pattern clashes which make these looks so lively and special. i lovelove the styling of the middle guy in the last row just to prove my point. the cuts on the other hand arent as special. the styling reallly is what seals the deal.

bluejayintokyo said...

Did the triangles remind you of Miro?