DIY Tassel Shoes... and Other Stuff

Today I went to Dressew, Vancouver's local fabric store wonderland, looking for some yarn to start my pom pom hat project. Unfortunately, they didn't have the best selection of yarn colours. It was a bit shocking, really. Anyways, I did end up buying some tassels, with the idea of attaching them to my shoes. Here is the result:

I think they turned out brilliantly. But the opportunities are endless. I'm also thinking of replacing the suede laces with a deep blue coloured ribbon to match the tassels. Or maybe other beads and bits and bobs like at Louis Vuitton Spring 2009:

images via style.com

I also picked up a pair of shoulder pads to insert into a sweater to give it that angular Balmain-look. Haven't decided which one looks best with them though.

And lastly, I looked at this thick fringe made from twisted yarn and thought about sewing a few rows on top of the shoulders of a sweater as well. I'll need to find a good match in colour though.


BlueKlein said...

Loved hw the shoes look like now! :)

valerie said...

im surprised how great they look! great DIY!

PrincessImp. said...

I love how the tassels look with your wedges... and it's great that they are detach-able so that you can get 2 looks!

Thanks for adding me to your blog-roll, I have done the same too :)

Jenny H. said...

i just came across your blog.
and i absolutely adore it!

would you like to trade links?

Raych said...

I love the blue tassles! Mind I ask where you bought them? I've been looking for a good quality pair to make earrings.

:) love your blog. exchange links?

Amelia said...

I love the tassels. They do make the shoes a little more unique. I guess personalization is your solution in case they go mainstream.

PUNKIE said...

wow this is a good good idea! you've made a great job!